Dorian Rages On

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Dorian Rages On

Riley Lunsford, Writer

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     After the slow battle between the Bahamas and Hurricane Dorian, there was a lot of wreckage left behind. The sluggish hurricane passed over the Bahamas at one mile per hour, it is one of the slowest moving hurricanes in the history of the world. The average speed for a category five hurricane wind speed is around 157 mph, Dorian had wind speeds of about 180 mph. The combination of the winds and the sluggish nature of the storm caused it to wreak havoc on the Bahamas. As of Thursday, September 5th, Dorian has caused flooding in Charleston, SC and excessive damage in the Bahamas and in central Florida. 


Dorian destroys the Bahamas

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Dorian chases after Florida

     After relentlessly lashing the Bahamas, Dorian moved onto Florida’s Southeastern coast. It was moving at 9mph and had wind speeds of 115mph before it hit Florida. Power went out at 6 A.M. on August 31st, and 18,000 residents were left in the dark. Florida was not hit as bad as the Bahamas because the hurricane never made landfall. It did cause torrential downpours and caused damaging winds. Floridians were flooded and stranded in their own homes. 


Dorian rages on 

     After hitting Florida, Dorian moved up the East coast where it caused problems in the Carolinas. North Carolina was still flooded as of Sunday, September 7th. The residents had to stay on their roofs because of the floods. Dorian moved up North following the East coast almost perfectly. It got to a point where it reached Canada and toppled over a crane in the middle of Halifax causing damage to the buildings it fell on. Dorian fizzled out when it was going through Canada’s coast. Dorian put up a long, hard fight but every storm has to end and she went out with a bang.